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A Hidden Gem, Lake Kariba

By: Mishka Ramdas, Digital Copywriter at Your Perfect Africa

Lake Kariba is Zambia’s Hidden Riviera. This man-made lake boasts beautiful vistas and gorgeous sunsets. Enjoy an array of activities excellent fishing, boating and water sports. Lake Kariba covers an area of almost 6,000 square kilometres and is fed by the Zambezi River, which originates in Zambia and flows through Mozambique towards the Indian Ocean.

André Coyne, a French engineer conceptualised and designed Lake Kariba. Construction on Lake Kariba began in the early 1950s out of the necessity to generate hydroelectric energy for Zambia and Zimbabwe. Kariba holds important value for Zimbabwe and Zambia, especially since its establishment has enhanced the economy, electricity, and tourism.

Due to the construction of the dam, the surrounding areas would be flooded. This in turn would be catastrophic resulting in the loss of habitat for both humans and animals. As a precautionary measure, the Tongan tribes of the Gwembe Valley were relocated. This relocation was negotiated based on the economic benefit for both Zambia and Zimbabwe. Ultimately, the concept of Lake Kariba had become a topic of controversy.  The local people believed that the dam’s construction would anger the Zambezi River God, Nyaminyami and believed he would break down the bridge leading to catastrophic floods.

To this day, it is believed that Nyaminyami lives under a rock close to the Lake Kariba dam wall. The rock has been named “Kariwa“ meaning to trap. Locals have warned that canoeing past this location can be fatal. The history of Lake Kariba is riddled with historic mythology and is described by locals as a spiritually powerful body of water that is revered and respected by the locals of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Since its completion in 1959, Lake Kariba has provided a wide range of benefits to the people of Zimbabwe and Zambia, as well as visitors from across the world. With a fascinating history in hand, Lake Kariba is one of Zimbabwe’s most popular tourist attractions and the ideal family safari spot for locals and international travellers. The history of Lake Kariba is riddled with historic mythology and is described by locals as a spiritually powerful body of water that is revered and respected by the locals of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Today, Lake Kariba is the 4th largest man-made lake in the world and the 2nd largest in Africa.

5 Interesting Facts About Lake Kariba

  • The lake is fed by the might Zambezi River which begins its 2700-kilometre journey from north-west Zambia to reach the Indian Ocean via Mozambique.
  • Kariba covers an area of 5500 km2 and extends for another 280km. Its shore is dotted with many rivers, and has a width of 40 km.
  • It’s located halfway between the mouth and source of the Zambezi River, 200 km downstream from the Victoria Falls.
  • Andre Coyne was the leading designer. He was an inventor and engineer from France. He designed 70 dams in 14 different countries after the Kariba dam was built.
  • Between 1958 and 1963, the sheer weight of the water filling the Kariba dam caused more than 20 earthquakes. These earthquakes were above 5 on the Richter scale.

Our Favorite Lake Kariba Lodge

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