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Our Story

Our Story

Starting Your Perfect Africa at the beginning of a worldwide pandemic came with a lot of uncertainty… As the world was coming to an end, a mother and daughter saw a gap in the market to create a company solely aimed at offering our local South African residents discounted rates to our country’s leading Safari Lodges, Exclusive-use Villas & Boutique Hotels.

The beginning

Alison van Deventer is our amazing CEO & the founder of Your Perfect Africa was the co-founder of a well-known & respected Tour Operator – BushBreaks & More. After successfully growing the brand to what it is today, Alison and her business partner, sold BushBreaks to Bidvest and had a well-earned break. But as everyone in the industry knows, once you’re in travel it’s impossible to leave as it is one of the most incredible businesses in which to work!

Once lockdown hit, Ali & Sydney, decided to start again! The first two months of lockdown were spent creating our brand, developing the website, gathering property information, and manually loading each individual property, of which there are now over 550!

A powerful brand in the tourism industry

The travel bug caught Sydney, who has taken her knowledge of marketing and strategic branding to build a powerful brand in the tourism industry. Having travelled to several parts of Africa and learning the tricks of the trade with Ali by her side, this has truly been a wholesome and fulfilling journey.

Experience of over 70 years

Although Your Perfect Africa is a fairly new company, in an ever-changing tourism climate, the expertise behind the brand is second to none. Throughout the pandemic, our passion for travel has allowed us to grow immensely. Our incredible Team of Travel Specialists, Nadia, Natasha, Doreen, Sydney, Anzelle & Mishka have combined experience of over 70 years! We pride ourselves on exceptional service, first-hand destination knowledge as well as extreme honesty when it comes to recommending properties.

This is just the beginning for our small but fierce Team of ladies!