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Simbavati Lodges – Your Perfect Africa

Written by: Victoria Paige

Simbavati Camp George

 An introduction to the Klaserie like no other, Simbavati Camp George.

Where tranquillity meets an all-encompassing family amongst a beautifully curated garden of rare flora. The squirrels running up and down the trees, miraged by the silhouettes of enormous grey ellies in the background. Camp George is a home away from home. Greeted with the warmest smiles and quenched with an ice-cold refreshment on the balcony of your suite, overlooking a dry and history-ridden riverbed.

The food was impeccable with a satisfied belly tucked into bed at night! The kitchen team at Camp George has your taste buds dancing with perfect portions. Manie’s campfire stories will have you in a knot of giggles and Julius long lost tales of his years in the bush, will have your dreams flaring. An exquisite stay at Simbavati Camp George will leave you feeling closer to your travelled, loved ones and you are guaranteed to leave a piece of your heart in the veld-lands of the Klaserie.

Simbavati River Lodge

I believe that the city life leaves you and the safari bug bites upon the first sight of your new home in the bush, for the next few days. Captured by the architectural brilliance of the welcoming, high-ceilinged reception with the cold breeze drifting through as it leaves the water’s edge. Simbavati River Lodge!

The splashing of elephants playing in the river is met with the silent sifting of the waterbuck in the reeds. You are home! A Savannah has never tasted colder and dried mango has never tasted sweeter. The serenity of relaxing after your game drive, on the star-filled deck with the crackling whispers of the bonfire in the background. The game viewing is phenomenal, blessed by the cooler mornings and teamed with big game such as Lion, leopard, wild dogs, and more… Never mind Petrus the petrified, a local hyena who lives within the camp stealing cushions for fun!

We had nature-kissed lodging with the open tented walls to be at one with the riverbed at night. River lodge is for your traditional safari travellers. Your “done it before and definitely doing it again” kind of traveller. Don’t miss out on the warm coffees and smiles of Nicole, the most intuitive ranger I have had thus far… BOOK YOUR STAY with Your Perfect Africa to have a one-of-a-kind stress-free experience.