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9 Reasons to visit Victoria Falls on your next adventure

Victoria Falls is brought up many times as a must see destination, have you ever wondered why? Well, firstly, it is one of the natural wonders of the world, stretching across 1,708 metres with a height of 108 metres. This is the worlds largest uninterrupted sheet of falling water with just about 625 million litres of water falling into the Batoka Gorge below. The locals refer to this natural wonder as ‘the smoke that thunders’ personifying it as something mystical and truly unique. If that is not reason enough to add Victoria Falls to your bucketlist, we have 8 other reasons to nudge you in the right direction.

After thousands of years of erosion, many rock pools have formed near Victoria Falls, and the best one is right on the edge, more commonly known as, Devils Pool. Set on a steep cliff, this spot offers and up close and person view of the sheer drop off the side of the falls. The view from the edge is totally exhilarating as you feel the force of the Zambezi River flowing past you and crashing down over the 100-metre / 320-foot drop! Where there are waterfalls and rapids, there are fantastic opportunities for white water rafting. For the adventurous and courageous traveller, a trip on the Zambezi is just what the doctor ordered. You will set out down the Batoka Gorge, where you can take on some Class IV and V Rapids, if you dare! If you need something with a little less danger, you could also embark on a quaint canoeing journey.

So you want to experience Victoria Falls without being submerged in the flowing waters of the Zambezi? Well, bungee jumping should be on your list. You will still experience the spray of the mighty ‘smoke that thunders’ but please do not close your eyes as you take a swing off a 330-foot bridge or zipline through the gorge as you will be sure to miss the magnificence of the falls. Now, if you are interested in fantastic views, we suggest seeing the falls from two different angles, both of which boast their own beauty in their own right. You can view the falls from both the Zimbabwe side as well as the Zambian side, which allows you to get closer to the top and bottom areas of the falls.

Victoria Falls is steeped in rich history dating back thousands of years. For example, these mystic falls take their name from the explorer and missionary, David Livingstone, who was the first European to view the falls in 1855 and named them after the British queen at the time. Located at the entrance of the park you will find a display teaching you about some of the most interesting facts of the falls. The falls may be the main attraction, but there are other aspects of this great region that one can explore. From historical landmarks to sublime cuisine. You can also engage in cultural activities within the nearby towns, learn how to play the drums or visit local schools as an effort to contribute to sustainable tourism.

Of course, the accommodation offerings allow one to expand their adventure even further. From Luxurious Game Lodge and Boutique Hotels, Zimbabwe & Zambia offer a multitude of opportunities and sights. For example the Mosi-ao-Tunya National Park which is just twelve kilometres upstream from the world-famous Victoria Falls and is home to beautiful properties such as Sussi & Chuma, Thorntree River Lodge & The River Club.